Pretty Rose Lights – great Quality and so colourful!

I bought these fairy lights to illuminate my back porch on an evening and I was not disappointed with them.

DSCF0186 The flowers are made from a soft foam type of fabric – no bulbs are visible – they just look like roses.

DSCF0184 The wire connecting them is plastic covered and pliable – it also looks strong. The battery box has a sliding cover – the 3 AA batteries are easly inserted.

DSCF0187There are three choices of mode – off – flashing and on. I tried the flashing mode first – this would be lovely for Christmas or for a party.

DSCF0188 The on mode gives quite a good light and the colours are d the colours are so pretty.

DSCF0190They go right across the window and then down and the battery box hides on the window sill. There are 20 roses about 2 inches across. They were packed in a cellophane bag and there was a spare rose in the bag too. I particularly like the way they are white in the daytime and then so bright when you switch them on at night.

DSCF0191 I really think they are a great buy and would be so sweet for a wedding or party venue.
I received these lights at a discounted price if I gave an honest review and I have done that.


I recently tried this Spiraliser from Amazon.

DSCF0177I  was stunned when I opened this product to find all the extras – recipe book,storage bag, cleaning brush and a slicer!

DSCF0178I wanted to try this out at once and I only had two carrots in the fridge.

DSCF0179 I followed the instructions (you just push the veg into the green part with the spiky part and twist) and made a small pile of veggetti – I would need to use 5 carrots (as it says in the recipe book) so I added my two to mince and served with regular pasta.

DSCF0181 I aim to use this for making colslaw too. To vary the thickness of the threads you need to remove the green part and swivel it round – you need to have this part removed to clean it too. It cleans well under a running tap and then I used the little brush for the tiny bits.

DSCF0182You do have some odd shaped bits left ( my dog enjoyed mine!).

DSCF0180 I am looking forward to using this with courgettes next – straight thinnish veg works best but any can be used – mine were old fat carrots! Give this a try – it works, it’s small and easy to store and clean.
I received this product at a discount on the premise I would write an unbiased review – I have done this.

Great Ear Buds, excellent sound – Product Review

I have never been able to keep in ear buds in my ears for more than a few minutes as they actually hurt but these buds were recommended to me by a friend as comfortable and great sound.DSCF0169

She was not wrong! They had clear instructions and I was using them within a few minutes.

DSCF0170 I am not very tech savvy but these were easy to understand. I can use them with my phone /MPV player, my laptop and even my Old School stereo system!DSCF0173

There are three sizes of buds so you are sure to find a good fit!

My husband has ear buds costing £150 – he tried these and said he was shocked how good they were for £11.99 they look good too Seedforce In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound, Metal Design and High Resolution Heavy Bass, Ergonomic Comfort-Fit– the sound is great. I can recommend this product to you.

I was offered this product at a discount if I gave it an honest review and I have done that.

The Only Mouse I Want In My House

I only think of buying computer stuff when I must but my mouse had become a bit clunky and slow so when I was offered the chance to review a new red one I jumped at the chance.

The Emarth 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse arrived well packed…


It has very clear instructions – even for me!


2 x AA Batteries all neatly packed in a padded sack and then a quality box.

I did at first wonder where the little widget was that goes into your port but as it says clearly on the instructions it is in a little cavity on the sunderside of the mouse where you can store it when you are not using it. You can see it in the picture below.


You can use 1 or 2 batteries (I think that is why they are both facing the same way )


In use on my desk!

The mouse fits into my hand so well and needs only the lightest of touches – there is no clicking either! To save power you can switch it off by pressing the small black button – if you forget it turns itself off after 30 minutes. To turn it on you just press the small black button.

I am very impressed with this item and can recommend it – so easy to set up and to use – perfect!

Christmas is just four paydays away…..

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas – I love the planning and the build up and am usually under whelmed when it arrives.

I was offered the chance to review these lovely twinkly lights this week and had a lot of fun playing with them, first the package had to be opened…


than I had to check everything was inside the box…


it was… and did they work…


wow they did and look how bright they are. Of course I have no tree (it is still July!) so I decided to drape them round the fireplace in my office…


I forgot to check there was a power point nearby so I had to pack them away ready for December – playtime over.

So if you are thinking of buying some twinkly lights – not just for Christmas – they would look lovely in a clear glass bowl or draped along a shelf – 33ft long and 100 white stars – I can recommend these. They were well packed and came in a couple of days.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

#QuercusSummer Book Review – Florence Grace by Tracy Rees

I was excited to receive this book to review as it looks just my kind of thing. This is some of the blurb on the back cover – Florrie Buckley is an orphan, living on the wind- blasted moors of Cornwall. It’s a hard existence but Florrie is content; she runs wild in the mysterious landscape. She thinks her destiny is set in stone…

So begins a tale of a life twisting and turning, poverty – riches; freedom – rules; all beautifully written. There are some lovely descriptions and phrases and the characters have real personalities.

I adored this book and intend to re read it!

I have not read Tracy Rees first book Amy Snow but after reading Florence Grace I have ordered it and await its delivery.


Last Dance in Havana by Rosanna Ley – Book Review

When the Quercus Summer Reading book club gave me the chance to read and review three books this summer I said yes straight away. I read two or three books a week – mostly from my local library (this is due to close later this year but that is another story)

DSCF0117 (2)

Rosanna Ley is a new author to me and I was drawn in straight away by the first chapter. It is set in Havana in 1957 and Elisa goes to her first dance and meets a dark stranger. The description of the Cuban version of the rumba made me want to join in the dancing! Rumba is not my most loved  dance on “Strictly” but I love this version.

The Massage and Aromatherapy treatments Grace gave were also described very well – I qualified many years ago but the healing and practice is just the same.

The story bobs about between the three main characters Elisa, Grace and Rosalyn and between Cuba and Bristol  and between 1957 1985 and 2012 – I always find this a tad irritating but that is just me!

The reason for Grace’s Mothers death was a bit predictable – I guessed right at the start what had happened.

There was also a bit too much about the Revolution, Che and Castro for me too – I wanted more Bristol and less Cuba!

I know I am a nit picker but the back of the book says Havana 1958 and the first page Havanna 1957. Elisa feels the cold and it is a cold Spring – she is not ready to put away her fleece lined boots until November – I presume she meant the boots she had worn since November.

All this apart this is a good holiday read, great to pick up when travelling and we all love a happy ending!

DSCF0116 (2)

Looking forward to my next book.