Solar Outside Sensor Light Review

This Suaoki Super Lit 8 Solar Motion Sensor Light is so small I couldn’t believe how bright the light is (I had not taken note of the size) but I later found out that it is small and powerful.

DSCF0260 (2) Inside the box is a clear easy to understand instruction leaflet, fixings and a pin to activate the battery.

DSCF0261 I activated the battery and screwed it to the outside wall near the back door. It is in a south facing position to get the most sun.

DSCF0274 (2)

DSCF0283 When dusk fell I went outside to see if it worked. As I passed by it it came on with a good strong light. When it became fully dark outside I went out and it was glowing brightly – when the dog passed by it the sensor turned the light on very strongly.

DSCF0280 I have tried to show this in my pictures. When activated the light shines for over six feet forwards and sideways. I am very pleased with this item and would not hesitate to buy again and to recommend.

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