Pestle and Mortar – review

This pestle and mortar is a lovely piece of kitchen equipment. I have been using the end of a rolling pin and a mixing bowl until I received this item. It was so beautifully presented in a smart blue box in a polystyrene nest.

DSCF0235 (2) The outside is shiny and smooth the inside is slightly rough to give you good purchase when grinding. I made some herb dressing for pasta.

DSCF0251.JPG It took my only five minutes to pick, wash, tear them up and grind then with a little oil. I hate the feeling of stock cubes on my fingers so I shall use it for them too. The size is just right, it is quite heavy (I actually used it on a damp towel to keep it firm but I found out later it does not move about like my mixing bowl did. The mortar part it shaped to fir into your hand and you can grip it easily. A big plus point it it is so easy to clean. I think this is a quality item and I can recommend it.
Although I received this item at a discounted/price/complementary/gift as part of the promotion for honest and unbiased review, it has in no way reflected the ratings and the review of this product…

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