Sewing Bee Essential – keep all my spools free from tangles!

I have been sewing since I was at primary school yet my spools have always been in a tangle so I was pleased to receive this product.DSCF0236 (2)

The box is small so easy to store (approximately 4 inches x four and a half inches). It opens easily with a catch at the front and then inside are 25 new coloured plastic spools. I have taken these out for future use and replaced them with my own assorted filled ones – as you can see all ages and types fit well!

DSCF0245 It will now be easy to find the colour I want quickly when I need to do a fast repair! If you sew then this little case will make your life easier and your sewing room tidier!

DSCF0244Although I received this item at a discounted/price/complementary/gift as part of the promotion for honest and unbiased review, it has in no way reflected the ratings and the review of this product.

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