Pretty Rose Lights – great Quality and so colourful!

I bought these fairy lights to illuminate my back porch on an evening and I was not disappointed with them.

DSCF0186 The flowers are made from a soft foam type of fabric – no bulbs are visible – they just look like roses.

DSCF0184 The wire connecting them is plastic covered and pliable – it also looks strong. The battery box has a sliding cover – the 3 AA batteries are easly inserted.

DSCF0187There are three choices of mode – off – flashing and on. I tried the flashing mode first – this would be lovely for Christmas or for a party.

DSCF0188 The on mode gives quite a good light and the colours are d the colours are so pretty.

DSCF0190They go right across the window and then down and the battery box hides on the window sill. There are 20 roses about 2 inches across. They were packed in a cellophane bag and there was a spare rose in the bag too. I particularly like the way they are white in the daytime and then so bright when you switch them on at night.

DSCF0191 I really think they are a great buy and would be so sweet for a wedding or party venue.
I received these lights at a discounted price if I gave an honest review and I have done that.


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