I recently tried this Spiraliser from Amazon.

DSCF0177I  was stunned when I opened this product to find all the extras – recipe book,storage bag, cleaning brush and a slicer!

DSCF0178I wanted to try this out at once and I only had two carrots in the fridge.

DSCF0179 I followed the instructions (you just push the veg into the green part with the spiky part and twist) and made a small pile of veggetti – I would need to use 5 carrots (as it says in the recipe book) so I added my two to mince and served with regular pasta.

DSCF0181 I aim to use this for making colslaw too. To vary the thickness of the threads you need to remove the green part and swivel it round – you need to have this part removed to clean it too. It cleans well under a running tap and then I used the little brush for the tiny bits.

DSCF0182You do have some odd shaped bits left ( my dog enjoyed mine!).

DSCF0180 I am looking forward to using this with courgettes next – straight thinnish veg works best but any can be used – mine were old fat carrots! Give this a try – it works, it’s small and easy to store and clean.
I received this product at a discount on the premise I would write an unbiased review – I have done this.


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