Great Ear Buds, excellent sound – Product Review

I have never been able to keep in ear buds in my ears for more than a few minutes as they actually hurt but these buds were recommended to me by a friend as comfortable and great sound.DSCF0169

She was not wrong! They had clear instructions and I was using them within a few minutes.

DSCF0170 I am not very tech savvy but these were easy to understand. I can use them with my phone /MPV player, my laptop and even my Old School stereo system!DSCF0173

There are three sizes of buds so you are sure to find a good fit!

My husband has ear buds costing £150 – he tried these and said he was shocked how good they were for £11.99 they look good too Seedforce In-Ear Earbuds Headphones with Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound, Metal Design and High Resolution Heavy Bass, Ergonomic Comfort-Fit– the sound is great. I can recommend this product to you.

I was offered this product at a discount if I gave it an honest review and I have done that.


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