Autumn is here!


My house plants are back in the back porch after a summer holiday in the garden. As there is no light in there I have invested in a couple of battery church candles. It makes it more cheerful when the dog is taking a comfort break on an evening. We had never seen the effect from outside at night (the drive is on the other side of the house) until last night. I remembered I had left my gardening gloves round there and popped round for them. It was just like Joseph Tate’s Chapel of Rest – We always knew when someone was in residence as a small window would be lit. January time all four windows were usually lit. Having a rather black sense of humour I found it makes me giggle every time I go in there.

My o/h has man flu and he has smittled me with it even after I had him quarantined him in the sick bay (spare room!)

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