Money Gift bags with Fantastic Ribbon! Review and Tutorial

The lovely people at Fantastic Ribbons asked me to try a couple of their Christmas designs. I was spoilt for choice but one of my picks was a lovely green satin with “The Holly and The Ivy” – I choose this because it reminded me of happy times singing carols and |I love the green colour!

 The four metre reel will go a long was so watch this space for more posts. Some bloggers just post about one item they have made but I like to use the reel as most crafters do for a variety of projects, some knitting, some papercrafts.


I recently bought a book of music scores for £1 and I have been experimenting with Origami. I decided to use some of the pages to make envelopes for my Christmas Boxes – each Christmas I like to give a small thank you to people who have helped me during the year.

I began by opening a small envelope carefully,


then I traced around it and cut the same shape out in music paper. I wanted to write on who the gift was for so I made a circular tag from thin green card.

I cut the ribbon into small lengths and sewed it onto the paper with a small greenish button (lots of buttons at Fantastic Ribbons). You could glue the ribbon and tag on but I am old school and like to stitch! Sewing paper is straightforward as long as you hold the button firmly so you stab through the same holes each time.


The envelope is now ready to be glued together.

I did think that the envelope would look lovely with a wax seal. I had a green candle and tried it but the wax would not stick to the paper – maybe it was just my candle?


I am pleased with these, they just need the money inside!

There are loads of ribbon and button choices at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world. Lots of offers on Christmas ribbons and buttons!

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