The Liebster Award – Nominee!

Thank you to WIP: Off Hours by Elvira for nominating me for The Liebster Award – I don’t think I have ever been nominated for anything before!

Liebster Award

After using Google I think it is a good way to join in with other blogs and see what new and old blogs are writing about.

I will try and answer the questions you have set for me!

1. I live in England in a traditional seaside resort on the East Coast, if you could swim due East you would end up in Holland!

2. Writing has always been my hobby, alongside knitting and reading = this combines all three. I have a sister blog Puttin’ On The Style this is knitting, crafts and nostalgia Sea View Reviews is mainly in the hope someone will send me lovely goodies!

3. I am just me warts and all! My motto is when rubbish happens in your life be like a dog ,kick earth over it and move on so maybe my role model is a dog.

4. I began work as a bank clerk before working in the finance department of a hospital and then became a medical secretary.

5. Painting! Both walls and canvas, the walls better quality I must say. We have a thriving Artistic community in the town but I don’t feel good enough to join them yet!

6. Knitting has kept my finger busy for 60 years, My Grandma taught me, she was so patient and kind. She was 80 years old when I was born and almost 90 when she died. She was still knitting and did not wear glasses! My favourite creation this summer has been this pink sweater;


I have used the pattern before but added a few cables this time. The yarn was a fashion boucle bought from the car boot sale very cheaply. I have worn this lots – it is comfy but looks smart casual.

7. I wear a lot of Betty Jackson dresses (not the wrap ones) , I like the 1950’s touches – Audrey Hepburn might have worn the pink sweater with black cigarette pants.

8. Wine over beer every time but I would rather have a vodka and orange or a whiskey and soda!

9. We once went for a Chinese meal and the next day the restaurant was in the paper for awful breaches of hygiene. It was an on going thing and the Council had let them stay open. For that reason I like to eat at home but love Italian food and our fresh seafood.

10. Just a few months ago I had my perfect car ( an elderly Mercedes SLK) but we had to part company with it just last month. I still miss it and to be quite honest I think both me and my husband went into mourning for it. We both found ourselves wearing black or dark grey every day. Our new can is a very practical 5 seater but not dream material!

I will nominate my nominees later so watch this space.

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