Santa Claus Is Coming Christmassy Fantastic Ribbon! Review and Tutorial



The lovely people at Fantastic Ribbons asked me to try a couple of their Christmas designs. I was spoilt for choice but eventually picked this twill ribbon with “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” to try first

. The four metre reel will go a long was so watch this space for more posts. Some bloggers just post about one item they have made but I like to use the reel as most crafters do for a variety of projects, some knitting, some papercrafts.

Knitting is my first choice though and I have now finished this very soft and pretty scarf trimmed with this lovely Santa Claus is Coming To Town  twill ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons.  Being twill it will wash – please do not try this with the papery ribbon often used to trim flowers.

It is really easy to make! I used five small balls of vintage yarn I had tucked away. There was no ball bands but they feel like pure wool dk . The needles need to be larger than normal if you want the soft effect I love.

How to make the knitted scarf;

Cast on about 40 stitches stitches (experiment to find how many stitches you need to get the width you want) 40 sts gave me a scarf aprox.  8 inches wide. I used Moss stitch (seed stitch in the USA) but I always K the stich at each end to give a nice edge . I made a small window ready for the ribbon trim by working this in stocking stitch.


I made a keyhole for the scarf to thread through as I like the effect  (more like a collar) but you could leave this out. If you want to make one just work the moss stitch to the centre of the row and turn. Work on these stitches until the keyhole is the size you want it then break off the yarn and work on the other side until it is the same length. Work right across both pieces and continue until the scarf is the length you want it and cast off.

If you are not a knitter you can add these lovely ribbons to a bought scarf to make a real one off item!

I cut a strip of ribbon to fit and then I had to decide how to fix it to the scarf. I toyed with using the sewing machine but in the end decided the best effect was to use red sewing thread and fix in place with a cross stitch .


This means the stitches do not show on the other side so I might put a different trimming on the other side – watch this space!

I had almost a ball of yarn left so I made a fringe for each end and continued it up the sides a little like Santa Claus’ beard!


I am really pleased with this knit and can’t wait to wear it – still in sandals today though – maybe next week?

There are loads of ribbon and button choices at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world. Lots of offers on Christmas ribbons and buttons!


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