Pram / buggy cover trimmed with Christmassy Fantastic Ribbon! Review and Tutorial


I have now finished this very soft and pretty pram cover trimmed with this lovely Snowflake twill ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. The ribbon  also comes in green and white. I thought it made this cover look Christmassy as it is for a friends Christmas Fayre stall.

This is the finished cover


It is really easy to make! I used a mixture of oddments in white and cream. Some were DK, Quickerknit and I also used some lace weight yarn (3 strands together) and 6mm needles. The needles need to be larger than normal to get the soft lacy effect.

How to make the knitted cover;

Cast on 127 sts and work 10 rows in garter stitch

4 row pattern;

Row 1 K5 *K1, yo, K2 tog repeat from * ending K5

Row 2 as Row 1

Row 3 K

Row 4 K5 purl to last 5 stitches  K5

Just repeat these rows until the blanket is the required size then work the 4th pattern row as Row 3.

Work 9 rows garter stitch and cast off.

This is a good way to use up oddments – I just used a random stripe pattern of whites and creams to give a vintage look.

I threaded the narrow ribbon into a bodkin and worked it through the eyelets. The raw ends were turned under and stitched firmly but with tiny invisible stitches to hold it firm. I had one small piece of ribbon left and it was just enough for the little bow.


There are loads of ribbon and button choices at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world.

15% off already low prices this Bank Holiday!


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