Fantastic Ribbon Initials and Motto’s – review and tutorial

Everyone I know seems to have a motto on display – HOME, LOVE, PEACE or just a big initial. I decided to try to make a motto from florist wire and the tartan ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. It also comes in green and white but you could use any ribbon but choose one of the wider ones (this is 38mm) There are loads of ribbon and button choices at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world.

I decided to make a motto saying DIG as I wanted to present it with a packet of seeds harvested from my garden (Icelandic Poppy if you are into gardens!)


You need the ribbon, florist wire, scissors and a needle and thread. I took a length of wire about 18″ in length and bent it as though I was doing joined up writing. This was difficult for me as I was taught Italic Script but eventually I managed it. I then measured a length of ribbon again about 18″ in length – if there are any oddments over it can be used on another project!


I folded the edges of the ribbon together and stitched them together with small running stitches. They should not show through , just catch the edges together.


Take the length of stitched ribbon and wrap it round the wire stitching it together with tiny stitches. The wire should be enclosed in a tube of ribbon. You will have to gather it together on corners and curves and re shape the letters as you go.


This is the D almost finished!


All ready to staple onto a pretty “packet” I will make out of a page from an old gardening book and fill with my home grown seeds.

Perfect for a Gardening Stocking filler!

There are lots of occasions you could use this for and all the ribbons you could wish for at Fantastic Ribbons

Fantastic Ribbons


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