Fantastic Ribbons Snowman Bunting…finished at last!

This is the snowman I have made from buttons and  ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons.


The knitted base is made in garter stitch, the buttons should have two holes (for the buttons and eyes!) and the scarf is in the tartan ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons.

This is the finished bunting!


How to make the knitted triangles –

4 ply yarn no. 10 3.25mm needles will make a triangle aprox 2 3/4″ tall. Thicker yarn would make a larger triangle  – you choose!

Work in garter stitch throughout

Cast on 20 sts.  and K. one row

Row 2. k2 cast off 2, k4 cast off 2,k4 cast off 2, k1

Row 3. k casting on 2 stitches over holes

Row 4. k

Row 5. dec. 1 st at each end

Row 6. k

Repeat the last 2 rows  until 2 sts remain, k2 tog and fasten off yarn.


Make the snowman by sewing on two buttons as in the pic. I used sewing cotton in a shade to match the button as you don’t want the threads to show. Black yarn is used to make the hat – just a couple of long stitches for the brim and a few short for the crown. The buttons and eyes are just black yarn brought up from the back and back down the same hole so just a small tuft shows. make a simple scarf from ribbon and sew that on with sewing thread.

The string is just a crochet chain but they would look lovely threaded on tartan ribbon!

I used some odd beads to make snowballs on another triangle. Some of the triangles are in stocking stitch for a change – these come out slightly larger.

There are loads of ribbon and button choices at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world.



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