Pram / buggy cover trimmed with Christmassy Fantastic Ribbon! Review and Tutorial

I have now finished this very soft and pretty pram cover trimmed with this lovely Snowflake twill ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. The ribbon  also comes in green and white. I thought it made this cover look Christmassy as it is for a friends Christmas Fayre stall. This is the finished cover It is really easy to make! I used […]

Book Reviews? Do you take any notice of them?

I never bother with book reviews. Sometimes I see one and I think that sounds interesting but I am not swayed by “this is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!” hype. I have lost count of the times I have found a best seller to be just average. I have just discovered the crime books by Peter Robinson. Not a […]

Fantastic Ribbon Initials and Motto’s – review and tutorial

Everyone I know seems to have a motto on display – HOME, LOVE, PEACE or just a big initial. I decided to try to make a motto from florist wire and the tartan ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. It also comes in green and white but you could use any ribbon but choose one of the […]

Fantastic Ribbons Snowman Bunting…finished at last!

This is the snowman I have made from buttons and  ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. The knitted base is made in garter stitch, the buttons should have two holes (for the buttons and eyes!) and the scarf is in the tartan ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. This is the finished bunting! How to make the knitted triangles – […]