Fantastic Ribbon Bunting…finished at last!

DSCF9118I have now finished this dainty bunting based on this lovely Snowflake twill ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons. It also comes in green and white. I have designed this bunting so it can be used for any occasion. For a child’s room, to welcome a new baby, Easter whatever! You just choose the ribbon in a colour and design of your choice.

This is the finished bunting!


How to make the knitted hearts –

4 ply yarn no. 10 3.25mm needles will make a heart aprox 2 3/4″ tall. Thicker yarn would make a larger heart and need a wider ribbon – you choose!

Make 2 heart shapes.

Cast on 3 sts and P. one row.

Row, 2. K twice into 1st stitch, K1, K twice into last stitch

Row 3. P

Row 4. K. Row -Increase in first and last stitch 7sts. Cut the yarn and leave the work on the end of the left needle. Repeat instructions to make the second “top” of the heart but do not cut the yarn.

Next Row, P. across both pieces

Work 2 Rows SS

Next Row K. 2 tog Knit to last 2 sts and K.2 tog (12sts)

P. 1 Row

Repeat the last 2 rows 4 times until 2 sts remain, p2 tog and fasten off yarn.

When you have made 2 hearts sew them wrong sides together, turn them the right side outside. You can pad them here with a little toy stuffing – I did not do this as I used mohair yarn. Using a contrast colour yarn work blanket stitch round the edges.

I used very narrow red ribbon to hang them onto the top ribbon. A red button marks the centre of the heart and a cream button secures the red ribbon to the cream. I wish I had used red thread on the cream button but there you are.

There are loads of ribbon and button choices at

Fantastic Ribbons

since 1999 a leader in the hobby and craft world.

 I will also be adding instructions for other designs if hearts are not your thing!

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