Iron & Velvet – Review of Bathroom Antibacterial Surface Cleaner in Ylang Ylang

Puttin On The Style

Can real cleaning power be combined with luxury?



I love my bathroom to be clean and to smell delicious – remember the bad old days when all bathroom products smelled of pine? Iron & Velvet have made their bathroom surface cleaner with Ylang Ylang  perfume. It has been designed to remove limescale (essential for me as our water is really hard) & kill germs.


I was more excited then I have ever been about cleaning materials when the box arrived. The sturdy box revealed tight balls of tissue paper at the top. The four products were each one in a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped in tissue. More tissue between the bottles stopped them moving in transit and there was more at the bottom. My first job was to smooth out all the tissue (as a child on the 1950′s I recycle without thinking about it) I will use it…

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