Iron & Velvet – REVIEW of Floor Cleaner in Sandalwood

I was chosen by the lovely people at Iron & Velvet to review four of their Interior products. The Company based in Dudley in the West Midlands makes 14 cleaning solutions, their ethos is Quality, Performance and Experience. For over 30 years they have manufactured and developed specialist cleaning solutions to be used in the metal finishing industry.

 I was more excited then I have ever been about cleaning materials when the box arrived. The sturdy box revealed tight balls of tissue paper at the top. The four products were each one in a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped in tissue. More tissue between the bottles stopped them moving in transit and there was more at the bottom. My first job was to smooth out all the tissue (as a child on the 1950′s I recycle without thinking about it) I will use it (and the plastic bags) for wrapping gifts and for E Bay sales!

I chose to test the Kitchen Surface cleaner in Mango first. This is the link HERE.

Today I want to tell you about the Sandalwood Floor Cleaner I used to clean my three hard floors but first a little bit of background information. The floors are slate tile (probably fake slate!) with undulations where grime hides. They have been well used for 9 years by people and dogs, trailing in mud and sand. Thank goodness they are a dark grey colour! The only problem with that is that you can’t really see where you have cleaned. The only clue is the colour of the water in the mop bucket. I also have a problem with “Sticky Floor Syndrome” , where your feet seem to stick to the tiles after you have washed the floor.

The Iron & Velvet Floor Cleaner comes in a 750ml bottle and recommends using 50ml to 5L of water. I am still a pints and gallons girl but I measured and found it was half of my very large bucket and half an egg cup of solution. The perfume is lovely and subtle a deep, soft sweet-woody balsamic scent. If that sounds a bit wordy it is because I have a certificate in Aromatherapy. This was last century and I have never practised (only on myself and family).  I use Sandalwood Essential Oil for coughs and colds in an inhalation but it was used for years as a pharmaceutical disinfectant so that fits in well for cleaning my floors.

I used a mop to make the tiles sudsy, squeezed the mop out and wiped the suds off – simples!

I cleaned all three floors with the one measure of solution so one bottle should do 15 lots of three floors.  At £7.49 that is aprox 49p a go.

As I have been typing this the floors have dried and look so much better. This is my back porch (receptacle for boots, shoes and dog leads) before


and after


the light patch is where the sun had come out.

The bathroom floor looks just as good as does the kitchen. Are they sticky? The porch and bathroom are not sticky – for the first time in 9 years no stickiness! The kitchen was a little bit tacky so my thinking is  this means that there is a build up of old products. I  went over it with some very hot clean water (I have done this before using the Iron & Velvet without much success) and it worked!

This solution has really cleaned and disinfected my floors, leaving them looking and smelling so fresh. I want to stress here that the two products I have used so far have very subtle scents. I often find strong smells make my nose and eyes tickle and even make my throat feel sore but I have had no problems at all with the Iron & Velvet products.

Luxurious cleaning solutions that really do their job!


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