Iron & Velvet – REVIEW of Kitchen Surface Cleaner in Mango

I was chosen by the lovely people at Iron & Velvet to review four of their Interior products. The Company based in Dudley in the West Midlands makes 14 cleaning solutions, their ethos is Quality, Performance and Experience. For over 30 years they have manufactured and developed specialist cleaning solutions to be used in the metal finishing industry.

 I was more excited then I have ever been about cleaning materials when the box arrived. The sturdy box revealed tight balls of tissue paper at the top. The four products were each one in a sealed plastic bag, then wrapped in tissue. More tissue between the bottles stopped them moving in transit and there was more at the bottom. My first job was to smooth out all the tissue (as a child on the 1950’s I recycle without thinking about it) I will use it (and the plastic bags) for wrapping gifts and for E Bay sales!

I have chosen to test the Kitchen Surface cleaner in Mango first. The plastic spray bottle is very easy to use and looks smart and pretty.  Now I have never tried a Mango so I had no idea what the smell would be like it smells like a cucumber / melon scent to me. Very light and clean.

I have a lovely kitchen but it is 9 years old and I cook from scratch every day so it is feeling its age & needed a really deep clean. I began with the window sills. Being a seaside town we seem to get lots of black mould in the damp atmosphere on the plastic at the bottom of the windows. I found that it mostly wiped away and the remainder came away after leaving the cleanser on for 5 minutes. The worktops were soon sparkling with no stickiness left behind – just clean!


The worktops and splash backs sparkled with just a spray and a wipe with a damp cloth. Our water supply is pumped up from underground wells and is very hard. Limescale is a big problem on the drainer. I usually use a special product with a strong chemical smell. Look at my drainer after using the Iron & Velvet Surface Cleaner –


The cost for the 500ml bottle is £7.49.

I usually spend under £2 for my cleansers however  I have cleaned three very dirty mouldy window ledges, greasy splash backs, grimy worktops, lime scale stained drainer and taps and the spray bottle looks almost as full as when I began.

Now really I should have cleaned the windows and the floor but it was a sunny Sunday and there was a Vintage Car Rally being held up the road so that is for another day. When we came home the kitchen looked lovely and there was no chemical smell – it just smelled clean and fresh.

I can definitely recommend this product ( my Mum came from Dudley. She would have described it as “bostin'”)

I may even buy myself a mango!


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