Review of Lavera Hand Cream

Autumn winds always have me reaching for my gloves as I hate to have rough hands.


My husband on the other hand dislikes  wearing gloves or mittens and as soon as the colder weather arrives his hands start to suffer. It is hard to get him to use my hand cream as he is put off by  the greasy feel and the too feminine perfume,

I found this Lavera Basis Hand Cream online at The Chorley Health Food Store it cost £4.45 for 75ml.

It contains Calendula, Jojoba, chamomile, sweet almond oil and has a lovey light unisex smell. I studied Aromatherapy years ago and it smells a little like a whiff of benzoin – very woody.

It has a very creamy consistency – a little dab goes a long way. It sinks into the skin easily and your hands don’t feel greasy. As an added point for my husband who is a vegetarian is it’s Vegan status.

This is a real find and I am going to try more Lavera products. There are lots available on The Chorley Health Food Store website.

2 thoughts on “Review of Lavera Hand Cream

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