Review of White Glo Toothpaste

White Glo very kindly sent me a tube of their toothpaste to try.  It comes complete with a new toothbrush (designed to clean your teeth whiter!) and a pack of interdental brushes / toothpicks.

I have used it for ten days now and my teeth do seem to look much brighter. An added benefit is my gums seem healthier and my mouth feels cleaner. I have not had any problems with my teeth over the last ten days at all. Usually every couple of days I have discomfort due to food particles being lodged between my teeth. I am going to stick to White Glo (I have already purchased a reserve tube!). My next dental appointment is in January and I am hoping my dentist will notice a difference.


this is now! I had to look hard to find a pic with teeth as I usually keep my mouth closed – this is before White Glo…



Still using this just bought another tube for my o/h

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