Vegetarian Pie with Cheesy Pastry – Winter Warmer!

With 143g remaining of my block of Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse cheese I decided to make a pie for Sunday lunch. It will have cheese pasty and a vegetarian filling. It is made without a pie dish and it’s easy!

I foraged in the freezer for 1/2 bag of frozen peppers and 3 vegetarian sausages, added a bag of supermarket ready mixed shortcrust pastry a few cherry tomatoes and the white part of a leek and I was ready to roll!


I rinsed the peppers, added the chopped leek the quartered tomatoes ( I have repeated this recipe and used chopped tinned tomatoes instead. This is a recipe you can adapt to whatever you have to hand!) and the sliced sausages to a pan with a little hot oil, some mixed dried herbs and a vegetable stock cube. I cooked this for about 5 minutes then removed it from the heat.


I mixed the pastry mix with about 50g of Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse cheddar, added the water as instructed on the packet .

I would love this blender from Co-op Electrical  , maybe then I could make more Frugal, recipes!  I left it to rest in the fridge for a about 1/2 hour. This gave me time to have a coffee!

I divided the pastry  into 2 pieces one larger than the other.


I rolled the larger one out and used a smallish dinner plate as a template. You can use 2 plates as templates (the smaller as the pie lid) but I used one but cut the pastry for the base about an inch bigger all round. I lifted this onto the baking tray (I always line mine with greased foil first) and bent about an inch of pastry up all around the pie, pinching it into shape. The vegetable mix goes in next;


Then I rolled out the lid and put it on top, using a little cold water to make it stick to the sides. Pinching all around gives a pretty edge. I cut a few slits in the top to let the steam escape.


Milk is brushed all over and then it’s ready to go in the oven. Preheated to 200c for around an hour.

This is how it looked


It worked well, the pastry was crisp the filling tasty and the cheesy taste was quite strong. As a Sunday lunch it did not quite match a roast chicken for me though!

I have now made five meals from my block of Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse Cheese and I have about 100 gr left. That is such good value, I have only used things I had in the pantry, freezer or the fresh vegetables I always buy. If you are trying to save money after Christmas give this  a chance and don’t forget to check out Co-op Electrical!

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