Cheesy Herb Dumplings – Pilgrim’s Choice of course!

DSCF8462Slow cooker stew today as I had about a ton of leaves to sweep up outside. Ours was veggie but just make your favourite and top it with Cheesy Pilgrim’s Choice and Herb Dumplings.

I had not made them in my slow cooker before as it is quite a new arrival in my kitchen. I made sure it was on high and the stew was bubbling away and had plenty of liquid in it.

For the dumpling mix I used;

100g of SR Flour

50g of suet

50g Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse Cheese coarsely grated

2tsp of dried mixed herbs (it was pouring down by then so could not get into the garden for fresh)

a pinch of salt and a few shakes of black pepper

Just mix with a little cold water to form a soft but not sticky dough. Divide into four and put on top of the stew for the last 25 – 30 minutes of cooking.

Husband dear does not eat dumplings usually but said “oh if they’ve got cheese in of course I want some”.

They were lovely and light, you could really taste the tangy cheese, another success for Pilgrim’s Choice.

I have now made four meals using the block of Tangy Farmhouse Cheddar and I have 143g of cheese left in it’s lovely keep fresh re sealable pack. We have eaten better this week than usual and I have not costed the recipes but they have all been frugal.

Now just what can I spend all my savings on?

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