Pilgrim’s Choice Potatoes with Chives

This is my adaption of Boulangerie Potatoes. It is low fat, low salt and high taste, inspired by the huge clump of chives I noticed in the garden last night. I still have 294gr of Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse Cheese left from my 350gr pack. I have made one meal with it and this is my second.


I just guess the amount of potatoes by thinking how many we can eat and adding a couple extra. I greased a casserole dish with the margarine as these do stick to the dish if you don’t.

Just layer the potatoes sliced about as thick as a 50p with layers of chives. I make these into a bunch and snip them with kitchen scissors.DSCF8452 You can add cheese on each layer but I didn’t today as I wanted to try a low fat version. Pour your milk or cream over the potatoes (around 1/2 pint) and add the grated Pilgrim’s Choice Farmhouse (51gr) on the top layer (you might notice a few bits of pasta in the pic as I found some leftovers in the fridge and added that too).DSCF8453

I cooked it in a very slow oven 150c , well covered with foil and a lid as I don’t like it burnt on top for 2 1/2 hours. I removed the lid and foil for the last 1/2 hour.


It tasted great and we did not miss the salt, although next time I will use some pepper on the layers. The chives really brought out the tang of the Pilgrim’s choice and I still have 243 gr. keeping fresh in it’s re-sealable pack!

More meals soon…


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