Recipes for the Run up to Christmas


The lovely Pilgrim’s Choice people kindly sent me a pack of their crumbly tangy Farmhouse Cheese and some super recipes for Christmas (some are ideal for using up all those leftovers we all have after Christmas).

 I decided that as a lot of us are trying to economise over the next couple of months to see how many meals I could make with this one pack of cheese.  Usually once the pack is opened it just seems to disappear! Currently half price at Tesco at £2.50 usually £5 it is really good value and should make quite a few meals.

 There are just two of us but we do like big portions!

I cook instinctively, I don’t have much equipment and I don’t like to faff around too much.

 Today I am going to make a Bacon and Egg Pie without the bacon (as my husband will not eat meat). My Mum used to make a version of this using ends of bacon which were too small to be sliced (shopkeepers children have to eat all things that won’t sell!) This recipe really calls for a tangy cheese with lots of punch. I will be adding the recipe and photographs later today, I am going to put my pinny on now!



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