Hovis Best of Both Bread Review!

Hovis Best of Both on offer at Tesco £1  – a great time to try something new!

I found out this tasty bread makes a perfect bacon sandwich. Now I know there are 1000 ways to make a bacon sarnie, we all have our own way. This is mine;

Hovis Best of Both Bread (unbuttered because you want to taste the bread and the bacon is fatty enough)

Bacon (smoked and fried without any added fat or oil)

Garnish – this could be mushrooms, a fried egg but today I sliced 3 cherry tomatoes

The bread was delicious and because I had chosen the thick variety it soaked up all the tasty tomato juices easily

without falling apart I actually folded each piece of bread over on itself.DSCF8439

Ten out of ten Hovis – recommended!


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