foreo Luna Mini – 3 days review

And after 3 days….

Puttin On The Style

This is me without make up or moisturiser ( except for a little mascara) last night. I have used the Mini for 3 days on one side of my face only.


I can definitely see  that the right side is more toned, the lines around my lips and between my brows are not as deep either. I had to take the pic myself so it is not the best I will keep on with the mini and next time get someone else to take a better photograph for you.

As a extra I have a small area of PK (Chicken Skin) on my left arm. This is where the skin does not shed and becomes thick so the hair follicles look like a chickens skin . It is only about 2″ by 1″ and each day I use a sugar scrub on it. I decided to try the mini on…

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