Luna Mini by Foreo Facial Cleansing Device

DSCF8390I was asked to trial this as I am a BzzAgent but this time  I was asked to pay £27 to do it! My initial thought was to delete the email but I decided to have a look at it first. I found out that this T-sonic Cleansing device retails at £99 and had some great reviews. To cut a long story short I decided to treat myself as my skin often looks dull and “mucky” now.

Being a bit of a perfectionist I decided that I would trial it on one side of my face only, I could not find anyone else who had done that. All the other testers seem to be much younger than me, often with problem skin. I have always had a good complexion without spots. I do sometimes have blackheads but that’s all.

The device charges on the computer, you  put cleanser on your face , damp the device under the tap and make like you are shaving!

After three days you should see some results says the blurb and I have used it for two without any noticeable difference. I know old skin does not shed its old cells easily so I am hoping a few days more and I should be able to show you a visible difference.


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