Eggy Bread Cake Recipe using Pilgrim Choice Cheese

I am not a great cook, I just manage to make tasty things that we enjoy. This is a recipe to use up leftover bread.

Eggy Bread Cake

Ingredients are;

DSCF8379Bread, eggs, cheese and milk, salt pepper and herbs and oil

Tear up the bread into small pieces, cube the cheese (I had some Pilgrims Choice already grated so that went in too), beat the eggs into about 1/2 pint of milk. The amount of fluids needed depends on the bread. Mine was a brown loaf from the local bakers so absorbed lot of liquid.DSCF8380DSCF8382

Mix the cheese, herbs and seasoning into the bread and then add the liquid. Squash the bread about to make it soak up the eggy milk. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours, it should be quite moist but not leaking a lot of milk. Add more milk if it is too dry. Heat some oil in an omelette pan (I use a high heat electric hob and then turn it off as soon as the bread mixture is added)DSCF8384

Press the bread mixture down into the omelette pan and turn the heat right down  I takes around 1/2 hour to cook and needs turning over 1/2 way through. I place a plate on top and then flip the whole thing over so the plate is at the bottom. You can then slide the cake back into the pan.DSCF8386

Cut it into wedges and serve with almost anything!


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