Review of Raso de la Cruz Ros`e Wine by Marks and Spencers

DSCF8338Raso de la Cruz 2011

Yet another £10 meal deal (I know I’m quite addicted!)

The blurb on the label says “flavours of raspberries and strawberries predominate” my first taste wanged me back to childhood. In the 1950’s the standard medicine for coughs and colds was a red syrup so delicious it was almost worth being ill for. That said it was only a momentary reminder. The Raso is crisp and dry and makes the palate tingle. I drank it with my Yorkshire version of Tapas ( bar snacks minus the pork scratchings!)

This winter I am going to prescribe a glass of this whenever the weather is really dire. A touch of the Spanish Sun without leaving home.

Has to be ten out of ten!


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