Review of Marks and Spencers Haddock Gratin

Yet another £10 meal deal from M & S!

There was no veggie choice and O/H will not eat meat so I settled for this fishy meal. It was a good size foil dish but it did not deliver on content. My dish was a lot sloppier than on the box picture


This is the cooked dish’DSCF8323

When I served it the sauce was quite thin, the food was very shallow in the foil dish and the Haddock was hard to find! It tasted lovely but not the meal to try when you have been working all day and are starving hungry. One of the other mains on offer was a cooked chicken. This would have served four people yet this dish barely served two. I will not buy this again. I can make a similar dish easily with a piece of fresh fish and make it a lot more substantial.DSCF8324


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