Review of Cookworks Slow Cooker – UPDATE!


I bought this yesterday from Argos – a bargain at £12!  Soup seemed the obvious thing to make to try it out but the cupboard was pretty bare. I decided to make a Leek and carrot Broth – mainly because all I had in was 1/2 a leek, carrots, broth mix, herbs and tomatoes.DSCF8310

There is a recipe leaflet with the cooker so with the crock washed, the broth mix soaked overnight I was ready to cook!  I have added almost a full can of boiling water, chopped the leeks and diced the carrots.  I have turned it onto high and now we wait!DSCF8311

This is an update on the slow cooker. It worked, it was easy to clean, very large dish, I am pleased with it.

The soup I made (on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year!) was almost like a creamy solid pudding. Now I have more idea of how much liquid to add and it is more than I thought. I think the broth mix must have absorbed the liquid. I ended up cooling it and storing it in the fridge  overnight. yesterday I added more liquid, more seasoning and we ate it with noodles.

I am going to work out some more recipes for the Autumn / Winter. This is a born to run post!

This is a quick update. I have used this so much in the last few weeks. I try to use it on alternative days for a thick soup. My latest one was on an Italian theme, tomato and herbs. I tend to just add things ad hoc. I must do some proper recipes.

I am also hoping that we will lose a couple of  pounds in weight on this soupy “diet”


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