Review of TNS National Shopping Monitor

I have had a busy day today shopping in town. I went to Argos for three items; a slow cooker, a personal cd player and a lawn edging spade. The bill came to £36.98 but I only had to pay £11.98! I had £20 in Argos vouchers from TNS National Shopping Monitor & £5 in Nectar points.
It must be 10 years ago since I joined the panel. My cousin had received an invitation and passed it on to me. I received a scanner in the post and away I went. Basically when you unpack your shopping you scan each item. Each week you scan or take a digital image of all your till receipts and upload them to the site. There are also survey invites and bonus points at Christmas and on your joining birthday. I also do  the “food on the go” where you text details of any food items you buy when out and about (free text number).

Each month I average £30 in vouchers – there are lots to choose from but I usually choose Argos or B & Q. Some members uses them as Christmas gifts or save them up.

If you are interested in joining go to and give it a try. I think it depends on if they want panellists in your area. Good Luck!


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