Review of Domestos Multi Purpose Spray with Bleach

If you have been following my blog you will know I have just had to buy a new Washing Machine – (I will review it later when I have tested it more thoroughly). I had to completely empty the cupboards around the sink for the fitters. I found products I did not know I had nor could I remember buying them! One product was this Domestos Multi Purpose spray. I don’t buy bleach products usually probably because my Mum could not stand the smell, it gave her migraines. It must have been on offer – that’s my only explanation. I decided to test it this morning when I saw the state of the kitchen. How can two adults and one small dog make so much mess?
After hanging out the washing and emptying the bin I began the clean up. I put washing soda in all the mugs and left them to soak. Next I vacuumed the carpet and the slate tiles. Then I polished the cooker hood and the red Boule bar stool with spray furniture polish.
Now for the worktops, I sprayed them with the Domestos and wiped them clean. Usually I use a product to make them shine and I have to really rub them with a dry cloth to get that shine. The Domestos left a lovely clean, shiny finish without buffing them up!
The draining board was badly stained with limescale so I sprayed it and left it to soak while I tackled the other worktops. When I went back (after about five minutes the limescale wiped away easily.
I am very impressed with this product although I don’t really like the smell much! I will definitely buy it again because my kitchen looks so much better . My Mini Clean up has given Maximum results.


2 thoughts on “Review of Domestos Multi Purpose Spray with Bleach

  1. I ADORE the smell of bleach and often dilute it to make my own surface cleaner, so I was thrilled to find this product. It works brilliantly – and leaves my home smelling clean šŸ™‚

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