M & S Portobello Mushroom & Spinach Quiche Review

I decided to unearth this Marks and Spencer Quiche (bought 3 for £6) from the freezer yesterday. It was the best flan I have had for ages, crisp pastry, tasty filling perfectly cooked. The other M & S flans I have tried were not even a quarter as nice as this one. The filling in […]

Review of Raso de la Cruz Ros`e Wine by Marks and Spencers

Raso de la Cruz 2011 Yet another £10 meal deal (I know I’m quite addicted!) The blurb on the label says “flavours of raspberries and strawberries predominate” my first taste wanged me back to childhood. In the 1950’s the standard medicine for coughs and colds was a red syrup so delicious it was almost worth […]

Review of Marks and Spencers Haddock Gratin

Yet another £10 meal deal from M & S! There was no veggie choice and O/H will not eat meat so I settled for this fishy meal. It was a good size foil dish but it did not deliver on content. My dish was a lot sloppier than on the box picture This is the […]

Review of Tesco Finest Haddock Melting Middle Fishcakes

It is not often I buy Tesco’s Finest products but I spotted these in the chiller cabinet on offer at £2 so into the trolley they went. I have tried the M and S Melting Middle Fishcakes and reviewed them on here so I wanted to compare them. The Tesco version has a cheesy spinach centre […]

UPDATE Review of Aunt Bessie’s Vegetarian Toad in the Hole

I popped into Farmfoods and found these at 2 for £2 – what a bargain! Stocked up the freezer but I decided to do these for supper. My other half likes chips with gravy (argh!) so I did chips and peas for him too. You just bung them in the oven and go about whatever […]