Review of Sainsbury’s Tu Poppy Mugs

Review of Sainsbury's Tu Poppy Mugs

I am very fussy about my mugs, they must be china and a certain shape and size. These Poppy mugs have a slightly flared rim. They are also slightly taller than my perfect size but I fell in love with the cheerful red. They were I think £2.50 each so not the cheapest.
They are good to drink from and the handle is easy to hold.
After a few days use I noticed that the inside was beginning to stain around the edges of the bottom. On further inspection I found that there is a slight depression which is impossible to clean with a scouring sponge. I have to clean them by soaking in washing soda and hot water every couple of days.
I still like the mugs but feel this is a design fault that lets them down.
Out of ten I feel they only deserve a 7!


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