F is for Friday Friday keep your nose tidy!

F is for Friday Friday keep your nose tidy!

Friday is my favourite day of the week. I think it began at Primary School when we went home half an hour early at 4pm instead of 4.30pm. My Mum was very superstitious and never trusted Fridays. She thought Friday was a bad day to begin anything new. She even persuaded my cousin to delay a house move to the Saturday because of the saying “Friday flit, short sit”. We have always moved on a Friday and we stayed 13 years, 11years and 8 years so that’s long enough for my itchy feet!
In the North at least Friday was always Boys night out and girls washing their hair ready for Saturday. Remember The Likely Lads going to The Fat Ox? We used to call it Amami night after the setting lotion with the pong.
In Leeds in the 1960’s it was also the evening of Jumble Sales. Mum’s eldest sister had plenty of money but loved a bargain. She would buy the Yorkshire Evening Post as soon as it came (or read our copy!) and plan which ones to visit. She like Wrangthorn Church Hall at Hyde Park best. It involved a longish ride on the 49 bus and of course you had to be early to be at the front of the queue. She made lots of friends in these queue. One was an ex Bluebell dancer one a Belgian lady with a concentration camp number on her arm. I loved to go with her but when I arrived home with my dog eared books and chipped ornaments Mum made me leave them in the coal house until they were inspected for bugs! I still have a lovely 8 cup china tea set that Auntie Floss bought at a jumble sale and loads of happy memories.


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