Thursday today – all day!

Thursday today - all day!

Having ended my A-Z challenge I am working with the days of the week. Having googled Thursday I found the usual facts about Thor we learned at school and more. I was surprised to find that Thursday is the old Friday! Thirsty Thursday is the name for the “new ” last day of the week.
For most of my working life every office opened on a Saturday morning with a skeleton staff worked on a rota. My first job at The Trustee Savings Bank I worked every Saturday morning and had Wednesday afternoon off. This was not much good to a clothes mad girl as Wednesday was half day closing. My last job before retiring I made my own “weekends” as I worked 3 shifts on, 3 off, 2shifts on, 2 off. I really loved this as if I took 3 days leave it was almost like a week off. I had 6 weeks leave to play with as all the bank holidays were added on and I had an extra week for long service.
Anyone remember watching Mrs Thursday on TV in 1966? The char lady was left a fortune, a mansion and a business by her boss. Pre lottery this was the dream along with winning the pools! Which brings me to Viv Nicholson and her vow to Spend Spend Spend. With her husband Keith they moved to Garforth into a modest house then to a bigger one but not a mansion by any means. We used to drive past and have a nosy! She did like her cars though, I remember a huge pink American one was easy to spot in the Cortinas and Victors.
Well on thirsty Thursday I am going to make a cup of tea and give a toast to Viv and Keith Nicholson. The pools win changed their lives for ever and brought heartache as well as joy.


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