Review of Aldi Feta Cheese in Oil…MMM!

DSCF8272Review of Aldi Feta Cheese in Oil...MMM!

I love to eat but not to cook. I hate faffing around with complicated recipes. I always find out at the last minute I don’t have one of the ingredients or a dish the right size!
This is my “recipe” for Penne with Feta Cheese, salad of grated carrot, baby plum tomatoes and little gem lettuce and a side dish of chopped egg.
Cooke the Penne as usual, drain and add (for 2 people) half a jar of Aldi Feta in oil, not the oil just the feta! I save the oil left in the jar and use it later for frying and for salads. In the meantime make up the salad and chop 3 hardboiled eggs. Add a generous squirt of salad cream and Bob’s your uncle – ready to eat.
I always make sure I have a jar of Feta in the fridge. It is very versatile a real 5***** product, more “recipes” later!


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