Review of my new Dualit Lite Toaster

After owning several toasters and not being pleased with any I decided to save up for a Dualit. I then shopped around and found a retailer online offering a great deal. I took a deep breath flashed my credit card and just 48 hours later my toaster arrived. It was beautifully packed and just so pretty, I loved its design. Would it actually toast my bread evenly? Would it be easy to clean?
The answer is yes! The lever to lift up the bread means you can always swap the bread around if one end is browning quicker than the other. Lifting this up does not stop the toasting. There is a defrost button and a bun and bagel button. The crumb tray actually catches all the crumbs, in all my previous ones lots got stuck inside and were impossible to remove.
I would give this 10 out of 10 except it is a slightly deeper cream than the kettle I bought at the same time. As they are at different ends of the kitchen it is not really obvious except to me. I have a collection of 1940’s kitchenalia and it fits in so well with the Everhot and Heatmaster ranges.
This is a 21st Century Design with retro appeal and I love it, it is well worth the money!


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